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Eyes In The Dark: The Curious Case Of Victoria Bloom follows the story of Victoria as she tries to find her grandfather in the family mansion.

A new side-scrolling adventure, Eyes in the Dark: The Strange Story of Victoria Bloomoffers players the chance to battle the darkness in an ever-changing mansion. eyes in the dark, developed by Under The Stairs and published by Gearbox Publishing, follows Victoria’s journey as she tries to find her grandfather. The game’s roguelite progression and unique setting make it a great choice for fans of hollow knight Where underworld. However, the first preview demo revealed some balancing issues that impact seamless immersion.

Preview for Eyes in the Dark: The Strange Story of Victoria Bloom begins as Victoria travels to visit her grandfather living in the family mansion. According to the story, eyes in the dark is set in the 1920s and features vintage cars, architecture, and silent film aesthetics to help build the setting. Upon arriving at the family mansion, Victoria soon realizes something is wrong and realizes that her grandfather is engulfed in darkness. Using her grandfather’s time travel pocket watch for her safety, Victoria must delve deep into the intricate mansion in an attempt to save her grandfather from all the evils that lurk in the dark.


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Unlike many psychological thrillers currently in development, eyes in the dark is a unique side-scrolling game with visuals done entirely in black and white. Details destined to fade into the background are highlighted with thin white lines, giving each piece a unique and intricate environment. As players progress from room to room, they use their upgradable flashlight to dig through the darkness or attack enemies that remain hidden in unseen parts of the room. However, if Victoria passes out, she is taken back to the entrance of the mansion, where she must then start the journey from the beginning, with each room now arranged in a different order from the previous run.

Eyes in the Dark Gameplay Fighting Monsters

One of the most remarkable aspects of the preview of eyes in the dark is the motion controls. Unlike the top-down views of Hells, eyes in the dark players must run through each room of the mansion, jump on small platforms, and climb ropes to reach new areas. While the maps are set up to encourage critical thinking and strategy, the jump mechanics are currently difficult to master, leading to issues that greatly impact mobility. If a player climbs a rope and tries to use the right or left jump controls, it’s very likely that they’ll end up jumping up, causing them to lose their grip on the rope. Additionally, there’s no directional control when dropping, or auto-grab near new ropes, causing players to repeatedly crash into the floor of the room they’re in.

eyes in the dark also lacks much-needed control explanations for various menus and activation actions. While games like hollow knight give detailed explanations on the use of the basic functions, eyes in the dark asks players to guess which keys to press and how long to hold them to activate items. A few extra early-game control tutorials would help streamline the learning process and make gameplay much less frustrating. Also, it’s easy to lose the little white player mouse cursor in the detailed backgrounds of eyes in the dark, causing problems when aiming the flashlight. Adding a bold target that players would use as a cursor guide when using the flashlight or slingshot would greatly help with aiming.

Eyes In The Dark The Strange Story of a Victoria Bloom Flashlight Customization

However, unlike many story-driven indie games, eyes in the dark brings a unique touch to the storytelling. Early in the demo, it is revealed that the communication in cutscenes was inspired by dialogue cards from silent movies. While players can see Victoria and other characters move their mouths to speak in animated scenes, no voiceovers are provided in these moments. Instead, the camera pans across one of several dialogue cards. While dialogue during standard gameplay is handled via bubbles above the heads of speaking characters, the vintage approach in cutscenes helps provide an interesting feel that’s both immersive and cinematic.

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eyes in the dark also makes good use of the same stackable bonuses and additions that players can unlock during new dungeon runs in games like underworld. While the first runs through the mansion can be difficult without any bonuses, players will quickly be able to earn new tools using the “Knowledge” they earn with each playthrough. These stackable bonuses help Victoria go further and further in the mansion, but can create a difficult experience when first starting out.

While still in the early stages of development, Eyes in the Dark: The Strange Story of Victoria Bloom will likely be a great choice for fans of unique and evolving narratives, roguelight gameplay, and art-driven side-scrollers. The game’s black and white graphics and light-based combat system make for a different and beautifully innovative experience, perfect for those who want a game that pushes the boundaries. Whereas Eyes in the Dark: The Strange Story of Victoria Bloom Will definitely benefit from improvements to the controls and jumping mechanics, it’s likely to be a fascinating and informative journey from start to finish.

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Eyes in the Dark: The Strange Story of Victoria Bloom will be released soon, on July 14, 2022, on PC. Screen Rant has received a PC demo code for the purposes of this preview.

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