Samyang Announces “Xeen Meister” Line of T1.3 Full Frame Cinema Lenses and a 50mm T2.3 2x Anamorphic


Samyang today announced a new set of Xeen Meister cine lenses. The new collection starts with three lenses at 35mm, 50mm and 85mm focal lengths, all with a maximum transmission of T1.3. Oh yes, these are wide aperture lenses! In addition to the three new T1.3 primes, there is also a new Xeen Anamorphic 50mm T2.3 2x.

The Xeen name has been around in the Samyang range for quite some time, but Xeen Meister is the name Samyang gives to its most high-end cine lenses. What is very new, however, is the anamorphic lens. Rumors have been swirling around for a while now that Samyang was working on an anamorphic lens, but it took a while to bring it to fruition. Well, now Samyang’s first anamorphic lens, the Xeen Anamorphic 50mm T2.3 2x, is official.

There’s no word yet on the price of the Xeen Anamorphic 50mm T2.3, although rumors suggest that Samyang’s target price is around half that of similar products on the market. Don’t get too excited though, even at half the price a 50mm T2.3 2x anamorphic lens probably won’t come cheap, but if you already have your mind on something expensive it could worth holding out a bit longer if you’re not in a big hurry.

But what we do know is that it has a large 43.2mm image circle, a full frame 68.4° x 26.9° field of view (on full frame cameras) and that it will only be available in PL mount. It has a built-in 158-tooth 0.8 module for focusing with a 300° rotation angle for precise focus control from 1 meter to infinity. A module of 0.8 to 136 teeth drives the iris with a stroke of 89.5°. It’s also a heavy lens, weighing 3.9 kg (8.5 lb) and has a front diameter of 114 mm.

As for the Xeen Meister 35mm T1.3, 50mm T1.3 and 85mm T1.3, well, there doesn’t seem to be pricing on those yet either, but Samyang says they are the fastest full frame prime cine lenses out there with a bright T1.3 aperture and they will produce sharp results at resolutions up to 8K. These are available in multiple mounts including PL, Canon EF and Sony E for native support on a wide range of cameras.

All three lenses are essentially identical in terms of form factor, measuring 127mm in diameter and 122mm, 130mm and 156mm in length for PL, EF and E mounts respectively. Their weights, although slightly different from each other, are also quite close in the range of 1.9-2.3 kg depending on focal length and mount. This allows you to easily switch between them without having to rebalance and adjust all of your gear.

All lenses feature a 13-blade aperture and have a minimum focusing distance of 34cm, 45cm and 80cm for 35mm, 50mm and 85mm lenses respectively, and each has a focus gear module point 0.8 with a rotation of 300° and a rotation of the aperture ring of 92°. Like the Xeen Anamorphic 50mm T2.3 above, the front diameter is 114mm.

While there’s no pricing on the new lenses yet, or an official release date, I don’t think we’ll have to wait too long. Samyang says the lenses will see their big unveiling at AIC Micro Salon in RomeItaly from November 26 to 28 and Micro Salon AEC in Madrid, Spain, 10-11 December. If you can’t make it to those shows, however, there’s more information on Samyang’s website on both the Xeen Meister Premier and Xeen Anamorphic lentils.


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