Nubank eyes acquisition opportunities in Latin America


RRising rates and tight credit have dampened the flow of venture capital to fintech startups in Latin America, putting pressure on some fledgling fintech companies in the region. This could lead to consolidation.

Nubank founder and CEO David Vélez predicts a series of mergers and acquisitions in the Latin American fintech ecosystem in the coming months. And although the São Paulo-based digital bank saw its stock price plunge in a recent tech sale, Vélez thinks it could lead to some interesting buying opportunities for Nubank.

“We will be looking to do more mergers and acquisitions,” Vélez told the FinancialTimes.

Vélez told the publication that there are now “about 40 different digital banks” in Brazil, which he said “was probably too many.” Consumers won’t have 20 different payment apps on their smartphones. It’s too complex. You could have three or four, not 20.”

“There is going to be a streamlining of some of the fintechs out there, there will probably be some consolidation,” Vélez added. “This will allow the survival of the fittest.”

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