New York’s MTA plans to increase its fleet of electric buses to meet its 2040 goal


(Bloomberg) – New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to increase its number of electric buses, as part of the goal of zero emissions by 2040 for the nation’s largest bus fleet.

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The MTA expects 60 new electric buses to begin arriving later this year, with another 470 in 2025 and 2026, Sunil Nair, director of the MTA’s zero-emission bus program, said at the monthly board meeting of the MTA. the agency on Wednesday.

The MTA is transitioning its fleet of 5,800 buses to all-electric vehicles by 2040. It requires the agency to upgrade all of its 28 bus depots with charging equipment and train 12,000 bus operators. buses and 3,500 mechanics with the new technology, Janno Lieber, the MTA’s general manager, said at the meeting.

“This is an incredibly exciting development, but we need to be clear that this is just the first step in a complex process that is going to take some time,” Lieber said. “There is a widespread impression that going to zero emissions is a bit like deciding to go to the Tesla dealership instead of going to the Chevy dealership. In fact, going from electric to diesel and even to less polluting compressed natural gas buses and hybrid buses is a huge undertaking.

The zero emissions goal means the MTA will need 370 megawatts of additional power to charge these vehicles, which is equivalent to lighting nearly 200,000 homes, Nair said.

Electric buses cost around 60% more than diesel, Nair said. The MTA, the largest U.S. transit provider, will apply for more than $100 million in federal funding to help cover the cost of the next phase of deployment, Lieber said.

“We’re going to push hard to get what we deserve,” Lieber said.

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