Meta AR glasses planned for 2024 as Zuck eyes ‘iPhone moment’ – report


Meta plans to launch its first pair of AR glasses in 2024, according to a new report, with insiders saying CEO Mark Zuckerberg has ambitious goals for the product.

A former Meta employee who worked on the augmented reality product said The edge “Zuck’s ego is closely tied to [the glasses]. He wants it to be an iPhone moment.

The headset – which would be called Project Nazare internally – will be designed to work independently of an iPhone or android phone, which the report describes as “a way out of the grip” of the smartphone giants. That being said, the first generation device is set to run on some version of Android.

The report says the first-generation device will have its own “phone-shaped” wireless device that packs some of the computing power. This will be important given that the device’s marquee feature will replace video calls based on holograms projected into the user’s eye line. Sources say Zuckerberg thinks it will prove more immersive than your average FaceTime call.

The report also states that the initial model would have a “socially acceptable” design, before a lighter, more advanced model appeared two years later. At present, the product resembles those worn by Clark Kent in the Richard Donner Superman films, according to the report. However, they currently weigh 100 grams.

The field of view is likely to be less than 70 degrees, according to the report, while the hardware could also feature eye-tracking and an outward-facing camera similar to the current Meta Quest 2 headsets, and indeed rumors Quest 3 and Quest Pro.

As for the price, it’s likely to be significantly more expensive than the current VR Quest models, and will therefore initially be aimed at enthusiasts. A low-end pair of smart glasses, which would still rely on a phone, could also arrive in 2024 under the code name Hypernova.

Apple, of course, is believed to be working on its own version of the AR glasses, may also see their product as a potential “iPhone moment.” Interestingly, Nazare is Portuguese for Nazareth, so some complex God stuff could happen here too. Indeed, The Verge’s report states that Meta employees referred to Zuckerberg’s involvement in the project as the all-seeing “Eye Of Sauron.” Sinister!


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