Medtech Eyes of AI uses artificial intelligence to solve a major problem for dentists

Sydney medtech Eyes of AI is launching its rapid X-ray scan this month after three years in development.

The artificial intelligence-based dental software platform has been trained using more than one million x-ray images since 2019, along with input from leading dental clinicians and research centers around the world.

Sydney-based founders Dr Sen Le and Khoa Le designed the software after recognizing that manual analysis of complex x-rays is a major problem for dentists and orthodontists. This can take anywhere from five to 50 minutes and can lead to incorrect diagnoses and missed pathologies. Eyes of AI can complete the scan in 30 seconds.

Dr Sen Le said the software enables dental practitioners to provide a higher level of care, with Eyes of AI increasing the accuracy of X-ray analysis by up to 80%.

“Dental x-rays are essential for detecting and analyzing conditions. Sometimes before the patient notices any symptoms,” he said.

“Unfortunately, it is not always possible to identify problems by visual examination of x-rays and our research has shown that manual analysis can miss up to 54% of diseases alone. Eyes of AI increases the confidence of patients and can lower their fees, as practitioners pass on the benefits.”

The centralized system is web-based, allowing clinicians and patients to access results anytime and from anywhere.

An additional cross-check feature allows clinicians to check, edit and customize reports based on patient needs and preferences.

Dr Le has two dental practices in Sydney, while co-founder Khoa Le is a machine learning expert with 15 years of experience in quantitative roles at Deloitte, Treasury and Access Economics.

The platform was developed with support from the NSW Government through a minimum viable product grant to test product scalability and onboard endgame beta testers before a national launch.

The next step is a capital increase to expand the business.

The team’s other founding member, Ben Bowie, is a three-time startup founder with experience bringing early-stage startups to market.

“I’m incredibly proud of our one-of-a-kind software, which has huge potential for international growth and will open up to strategic partners and investors after launch,” he said.

“Our goal is to be in 5,000 dental clinics in Australia and overseas by 2023 as the leading imaging analysis solution for dental practitioners.”


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