Indian Foxnut – leading makhana brand eyeing PAN India expansion


June 16, 2022 2:49 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]Jun 16 (ANI/SRV): The Indian Foxnut Company, manufacturer and supplier of makhana (fox nut), plans to expand its footprint across India.
A leading fox nut producer since 2020, the company run by Mrinal Kumar strives to carry on the family legacy of over 4 decades.
Founded in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, Indian Foxnut is one of the market leaders among global makhana suppliers. Since its inception, the company has seen various changes in the makhana industry and risen to the top with a strong supply network and global customers.
When makhana was lesser known to nutritionists, dietitians and fitness enthusiasts, Indian Foxnut was founded before that. The company has helped boost makhana manufacturing in India and popularized Indian makhana to customers across the globe. To meet the growing demand, makhana producers in India are becoming more standardized and efficient in their production methods. A standout example is Indian Foxnuts.
The founder of the company, Mrinal Kumar Shahi, comes from a farming background and his family has been in farming since 1980. Due to corona, he was working from home and he came up with the idea of ​​starting a food brand and started the Makhana business with the help of friends and started the business which is a manufacturer and supplier of makhana (fox nut) and now has a vision of expansion across India.
The worldwide production of roasted makhana requires complex food processing methods with strict quality and food safety requirements. Indian Foxnut benefits from an integrated makhana supply chain and advanced food production facilities, from planting makhana in field systems and collecting seeds through cleaning, sorting and processing.

We have overhauled and modernized every touchpoint in the production of makhana. It has helped improve product quality and achieve the highest level of food safety. We are continually innovating our product line, with an emphasis on healthy and nutritionally balanced snacks.
The company’s roasted makhanas are made with only the highest quality Phool makhana seeds and are available in a variety of retail sizes: 110 grams, 220 grams, 660 grams and 1320 grams. Indian Foxnut strives to develop distinctive tastes for our roasted makhana products, and our most popular roasted makhana products are available in a variety of Asian and global flavors such as barbecue, butter, tomato, cream and onion, tikka masala, peri peri and Poudine.
India is one of the largest and highest quality makhana producers in the world. Makhana has long been a part of Indian vegetarian cuisine. It accounts for about 90% of India’s total production, making it a key cash crop in Bihar.
One Euryale Ferox plant produces about 100 makhana seeds, and one hectare of land can usually support 10,000 plants. Makhana farms require a water depth of about one foot to cultivate. In terms of food quality and safety, the field system offers a more homogeneous and regulated environment.
Indian Foxnut intends to expand and launch its products in all Indian states while maintaining high quality and food safety standards for its raw and processed makhana products. The company’s integrated supply network guarantees a constant supply throughout the year. Makhana snacks have distinct flavors which are very popular among young and young customers.
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