Carnival of Venice thought the eyes of the artist [PHOTO]


March 9, 2022 13:17 (UTC+04:00)


By Laman Ismayilova

There is something enchanting about the masks of the Carnival of Venice. Colorful and unique, they continue to amaze the imagination.

Since the 13th century, Venetian carnival masks have usually been worn during carnival to entirely conceal the identity of the wearer.

Inspired by centuries-old tradition, Azerbaijani artist Afsana Khabib has created a unique series of artworks.

His personal exhibition entitled “Favolé” was inaugurated at the Baku Museum Center. The exhibition consists of a large collection of artworks united by a common theme, such as the love of beauty.

Favolé is translated from Italian as “fairy tales, legends” and echoes the name of the artist herself, because in Azerbaijani “Afsana” means “legend”.

Venice Carnival through the eyes of an artist

Afsana Khabib delights art lovers with 70 unique paintings inspired by the Carnival of Venice. All works of art are united by the idea of ​​an enigma, a multitude of meanings and games.

Life-size Venetian masks were also presented as part of the exhibition initiated by the director of the Baku Museum Center, a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, the honored cultural worker Liana Vazirova.

The exhibition’s opening ceremony was hosted by TV presenter Javid Gul.

With bright colors, complex shapes and relief, these characteristic details of the carnival are found brilliantly in the artist’s canvases. Each handmade mast is original and unique.

Besides the Venice Carnival theme, art lovers were amazed by the living statues in the exhibition. Bright still lifes, cityscapes and seascapes made the exhibition even more spectacular.

The fabulous exhibition aroused great interest among the guests, among whom were well-known cultural figures, including the director of the National Museum of Musical Culture of Azerbaijan, honored cultural worker Alla Bayramova, popular writer Natig Rasulzade, honored artist Irina Eldarova and many others.

Colorful works of art and the stories behind them

Afsana Habib lives and works in Baku. Since childhood, she grew up in a wonderful creative atmosphere.

Her father is an architect and, as a child, she always looked at her father’s drawings with great interest.

In addition, Afsana started studying at Azerbaijan University of Economics.

After long reflections, the artist realized that she wanted to engage in art.

“I had the honor of getting to know the school of one of Azerbaijan’s most beloved artists, Sakit Mammadov. He accepted me into his team and entrusted me with the secret of his mastery. I really liked the style of opalism. With the support of Sakit Mammadov, I chose my own creative style inspired by opalism. Opalism was the cornerstone of my art. Working in this style, I managed to create my own artistic technique,” ​​said Afsana Habib.

She also expressed her gratitude to Sakit Mammadov for his invaluable support as an art teacher.

The artist’s works have been exhibited in Paris, Rome, London, Moscow, Brussels, Tbilisi and other cities.

Afsana Khabib participates in international competitions and has won many competitions.

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