Apple’s AR headset reportedly features two 3P “Pancake” lenses to allow for a more compact form factor


News about Apple’s AR headset started to gather momentum and shortly after we reported that the next device would sport three micro-OLED panels, here comes another update, which aims to reduce the weight of the headset. . Here’s more on the subject, so let’s get started.

3P Pancake lenses will feature a folded design that effectively reflects light

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has regularly provided information on Apple’s AR headset, and on this occasion he states that the device will have two 3P pancake lenses sporting a folded design. The design should make the AR headset compact and lightweight, which means Apple is going in the opposite direction of its competitors.

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Having a lightweight AR headset means wearers can keep it mounted above their shoulders for longer periods of time, giving them a less tiring experience. Kuo spoke earlier about the weight of Apple’s AR headset, saying the company will aim to keep it around 150 grams, while mentioning that the device will come with hybrid Fresnel lenses to improve image quality. At 150 grams, it’s undoubtedly a lightweight device packed with all that technology.

Unfortunately, to enjoy high-quality content, Apple’s AR headset will need to be paired with your iPhone and should be an expensive purchase for the majority of customers. The mixed reality headset is set to launch later this year, so we’ll know the full extent of its features and specs. So far, we know that it will effortlessly handle augmented reality content as it is reported to fetch hardware with similar computing performance as M1 chips.

There’s still so much we don’t know about Apple’s AR headset, so as always, we’ll update our readers in the near future, so stay tuned.

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Image credits – Antonio De Rosa

News source: MacRumors


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